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This new SynJet LED cooler from Nuventix doubles the lifetime predictions of the newly announced Philips Twistable LED TDLM to 50K hours, providing ultra long life with the smallest thermal solution possible.
Twistables come in crayons, colored pencils and Mini Twistable crayons.
Trojan (TM) Twister (TM) Intimate Massager offers a unique twisting handle, allowing for multiple positions and options, including four unique twistable positions and eight vibration modes of five speeds and three pulse patterns.
Once you have the units in place, a cordless screwdriver with a twistable head is a real time-saver.
He is equipped with five interactive body movements including twistable ears and a spinning nose and eyes, all enhancing children's motor skills.
With four unique, twistable positions and eight different settings, including five speeds and three pulse patterns, Trojan Twister(TM) can provide 32 distinct sensations for women, men and couples to spice things up in the bedroom.
These drawing activity books come with their own pads, reusable stickers and twistable crayons.
And, in the last few decades, exciting twistable puzzles have been designed and reintroduced, building on the success of the Rubik's Cube (i.
Capping the Qsine experience is a series of desserts whose menu is as sweet and surprising as its selections: A hinged, twistable cube presents options ranging from candied apples to popcorn to individual cookie jars.
It's twistable to configure to any position you want, to hang pendants or directional head lights, or fixtures -- right up to the rail, and they come in brushed aluminum and bronze, which is great if you have a wood ceiling; it just disappears.
During the cruise, members also will receive a commemorative gift of Crayola Twistable crayons or a Royal Caribbean messenger bag.