twist off

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twist something off (of) something

 and twist something off
to take something off something by twisting. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Fran twisted the top off of the bottle of mineral water and poured it. She twisted off the top.
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Forget using your T-shirt to twist off a bottle cap.
After slipping on the contraption, users can palm a basketball, single-handedly twist off a bottle cap or hold a tablet computer and type on it using the same hand, Faye Wu and Harry Asada of MIT reported July 15 at the Robotics: Science and Systems conference in Berkeley, Calif.
Logistics is an invisible hand waving a supply wand, summoning both fuel to till your tank and the tool to twist off that stuck connector.
Twist off the leaves before cleaning and storing in moist sand.
According to Ball Corp, the unbreakable, 100% recyclable bottle delivers portability with a resealable twist off cap and wide mouth opening for a smooth pour.
The closures offer an alternative solution to traditional metal twist off versions for wide mouth jars, and demonstrate Silgan White Cap's capabilities in all types of closure manufacture - plastic, metal and composite - which enables the company to offer tailored solutions to particular pack or product requirements.
Also sought: Glass Bottles for Twist off cap, PET Bottles for tomato ketchup, Twist off caps for the Glass Bottles.
And once in the kitchen, if the butter is bitter, the chicken smells bad or the lid on that jar doesn't twist off with a satisfying pop, consumers need to speak up and demand better.