twist arm

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twist (one's) arm

To pressure or force one into doing something. Oh, she immediately agreed to come tonight—I didn't even have to twist her arm. They had to twist my arm to convince me to start volunteering, but when I finally did, I realized how much I loved it.
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twist someone's arm

Fig. to pressure someone. (Fig. on the image of hurting someone until they agree to cooperate.) I had to twist her arm a little, but she agreed. Do I have to twist your arm, or will you cooperate?
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twist (someone's) arm

To pressure or coerce: If you twist my arm, I'll stay for a second beer.
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And the one place where he can still twist arms to his liking is in the hills of Jerusalem and Ramallah.
LLC, to coordinate, promote and hype the endeavor, doing what they do best - persuade, cajole, twist arms and chase down funding sources.
WARREN must find a fall guy to get Louise out of jail for Sean's murder and Darren's the man - to pay to twist arms.
And she is in an unparalleled position to twist arms, call in favors, offer carrots or brandish sticks.
Ward councillors have also been trying to twist arms in the council for a contribution.
24, when about 100 religious and community leaders descended on Parliament Hill to twist arms and bend ears.
That's what makes it all the more mind-boggling that these individuals would brazenly twist arms to solicit a contingent commission agreement or coerce a carrier to participate in a bid-rigging scheme via e-mail.
He didn't need to twist arms or facts, everyone in Downing Street and the Joint Intelligence Committee knew what was wanted - a dossier justifying the invasion of Iraq.
I do feel like I have to twist arms to open wallets," he said.