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twine around (someone or something)

1. To encircle, wrap, or coil around someone or something. Black smoke twined around the tower as the fire spread through its lower levels. The huge anaconda twined around Tom, squeezing the life out of him.
2. To wrap or coil something around someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "twine" and "around." He twined the cable around his arm and pulled as hard as he could. The plant twines its vines around the branches of the tallest trees to reach the sunshine above the canopy of the jungle.
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twine around something

to weave or coil around something. The snake twined around the branch. As the vine grew, it twined around the lamppost.
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'The new LoopMaster knotter substantially reduces the risk of twine snapping or knots untying, that can cause a lot of trouble to the operator - at the same time it maintains the most appreciated features of our industry-leading double-knot system, higher bale density with lower knotting strain and unparalleled packaging performance.
As we move from cotton to jute twine material, we experienced a 94% (95% C.I.
Similarly, large numbers of victims including children were also brought to the emergency departments of BBH and HFH with deep cuts on throats and in hands caused by metal twine, the source said.
The acquisition will combine the power of the Fitbit platform to drive lasting behavior change with Twine Health's clinical expertise and proven ability to help patients better manage their care through a highly scalable platform and coaching model.
"We're excited to partner our new app, Twine, with USA TODAY SPORTS Active Alliance because we feel that physical health is just as important as financial health, and both are easier when taking the team approach," said Steven Dorval, Head of Digital Advice and Innovation, John Hancock.
To add color and pop, you can use bright ribbons instead of twine to tie around the pot.
Some of those arrested were found selling kites and twine while others were found flying kites, police said.
Take a piece of kitchen twine 6 times as long as your roast and slip it under meat near one end.
The TWINE is a new lightweight cryptosystem to provide security for the highly-constrained devices in the Internet of Things [10].
FIREFIGHTERS had an unusual rescue mission when they were sent to free a seagull caught in some fine twine stretched between two trees.
Wagon rides ($5) leave every half hour for fields of noble, Nordmann and grand firs; handsaws, shaker, baler and twine are provided.
For 'Sander's White', this means untangling it from the early Dutch honeysuckle and tying it on to the pergola with soft twine, so we can pass through the arch without getting caught.
PS20, En-twined If Dad's always losing his gardening string, splash out on a useful twine dispenser from Nutscene, which also incorporates a cutting blade within the thistle-top stand.
The dating service, Twine, blurs users' faces so that he can chat and get to know the other person by remaining anonymous, the New York Daily News reported.