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twilight zone

An ambiguous area between the boundaries of two concepts, conditions, etc.; a gray area. The phrase originated before it became the title of the popular television show. Unfortunately, his citizenship status is in the twilight zone now that the courts are reviewing the legality of the immigration restrictions. Jeff and I somehow ended up holding hands at the movie last night, and now we're in this weird twilight zone between friendship and dating.
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twilight years

Fig. the last years before death. In his twilight years, he became more mellow and stopped yelling at people.
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Unfortunately, not all the comments raised against the Twilight saga are discussed and she fails to acknowledge that part of the issue might arise not from contrasting the Cullens with other real vampires, but rather from the construction of Edward as a vampire, and the conservative ideology and values the narrative reinforces, which are based on Stephenie Meyer's own Mormon beliefs.
But the winner had a fitness edge that day - Candy had warned the betting public his man would strip fitter for the comeback - and Twilight Son is now 5lb better off.
Meyer will work with a group of female panellists including actresses Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer and Modern Family's Julia Bowen, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, producer Cathy Schulman and Frozen director Jennifer Lee.
Mount Gay Rum, which dates back as far as 1703, has long enjoyed a first-class reputation amongst sailors and the brand is honoured to remain an integral part of the popular Monday Twilight Series and the annual Mount Gay Rum Top Jocks Regatta sailed aboard the CYCA's Elliott 7s.
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