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The First Minister is twiddling her thumbs and focusing all her attention on a referendum on independence that the majority don't want.
Post 'The Voice' talent show, Egyptian singer, Sherine Abdel Wahab, had been twiddling her thumbs, searching for the next big gig.
I fear poor Amy has been left twiddling her thumbs since Brian has developed an odd bedtime routine that is seriously lacking in the romance stakes.
Although keen to carry out other official duties, Kayleigh has since received no requests for her services and has been left largely twiddling her thumbs.
The 39-year-old Aussie is having physio before filming resumes, leaving co-star Renee Zellweger twiddling her thumbs.
An expectant Kat is left twiddling her thumbs and drinking champagne alone while her man becomes tangled up in a strange series of events involving a tramp, a robber and a condom.