twiddle with

twiddle with (someone)

To play with something in one's hands idly, especially by turning it over or around repeatedly; to fiddle with something. She has this annoying habit of twiddling with her necklace whenever she's speaking. Stop twiddling with that cathode, or you'll end up breaking it!
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twiddle with something

to play with something; to play with something, using one's fingers; to fiddle with something. I asked Jason to stop twiddling with the pencils. Someone is twiddling with the stereo controls.
See also: twiddle
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References in classic literature ?
Such is the force of habit, that even in the midst of his terror he began mechanically to twiddle with his hair, and arrange the cock of his hat.
A Lots of people twiddle with their hair but Trichotillomania is when you pull out the hairs strand by strand.
Twiddle with a purpose; visit and learn the ancient Chinese art of origami with a master, Joseph Wu.
Tomorrow he jets to the Caribbean to shake hands, stare at dancers, eat dinners, twiddle with his cuff-links and play golf.