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She said: "Anna Gordon, a teacher at Llay CP School asked whether children could make twiddle blankets for residents of our care homes who have dementia.
Then the proposed Rom-free twiddle angle generation scheme only needs adders and shifters.
Twiddle then bowled in, with Gray following suit with a pair before some decisive leads from Twiddle earned them a 15-13 success.
The Twiddle Mits are not for everyone, but they do have the potential to be a great source of comfort for those seeking and needing sensory stimulation when used appropriately.
Twiddle offers a blend of reggae and funk that has a sprinkling of jazz, classical and bluegrass vibes.
Twiddle the dial for some foreign station, Radio Luxemburg, I think it was called, Played the best pop music ever.
I just knew I had to do something and I just couldn't sit there and twiddle my thumbs.
RADIO listeners in Leam-ington will be able to twiddle their dials and tune into a temporary new station later this year.
Jack and Martha twiddle their thumbs as Rachel pushes all the buttons and pulls every string she knows to get the outcome determined as quickly as possible.
A radio is a wonderful companion and with a swift twiddle of the knob you can pass by all the cheap music stations and find a bert hat either Radio 4 or Radio Merseyside.
A Lots of people twiddle with their hair but Trichotillomania is when you pull out the hairs strand by strand.
Check out the head slightly cocked to one side, the over-long hesitation between phrases, the hands held at chest height with the occasional twiddle of the pinky ring.
But he fears his England prospects would nosedive if he was forced to twiddle his thumbs as Edwin van der Sar's understudy.
What are you going to do, sit around and twiddle your thumbs?
Tomorrow he jets to the Caribbean to shake hands, stare at dancers, eat dinners, twiddle with his cuff-links and play golf.