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To post on Twitter about a live event as it happens, often by providing a commentary. One of the actors from that show live-tweets it every week.


1. A series of tweets on a particular topic composed by an individual Twitter user and posted in succession. Each tweet may start with number and a slash (such as "2/4") to convey that it is part of a longer message. Good grief, did you see her latest tweetstorm? I don't need eight tweets from one person clogging up my feed!
2. A surge in activity on Twitter as users comment on a particular topic or current event, often one that is controversial. Such users commonly use a unique hashtag relevant to the topic. The actor's sexist comments sparked a real tweetstorm, as well as a public outcry.
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Which tweets fall under this new policy will be determined by Twitter's trust and safety, legal, public policy and regional teams.
The tweet reads: 'This is an important call to the whole world!
"Fans love tweeting about cricket and this year we saw a record-breaking 27 million tweets around the IPL 2019 season.
Only a small number of tweets are geotagged, meaning that users have either chosen to share their location or have tagged themselves at a particular place in a tweet.
In September, Brownlee noticed that Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who was paid by Google to promote its Pixel 2 phone, sent the tweets via an iPhone app.
'However, we've heard feedback from people who at times prefer to see the most recent tweets.'
Following Gunn's firing, the search through old tweets of other Hollywood types -- or even those perceived as defending them -- intensified.
Sentiment score can be calculated by analyzing each word included in tweets. The lower the sentiment score is, the more negatively people express their feeling,
But while a large majority of Americans ultimately hear about his tweets and the news they generate, few Americans say they read Trump's tweets unfiltered, directly from Twitter.
An elated Brand Kenya tweeted on Thursday that this happened after online pressure.We made noise, a lot of noise regarding #SwahiliIsNotIndonesian and #TwitterRecognizeSwahili.
The Cardiff councillor and South Wales Central AM said: "I usually manage my own Twitter account with the pressures of time today the publicity for the boxing event was delegated to a staff member who made a mistake in what he thought was a light-hearted tweet.
The Globe found that many of Trump's more incendiary tweets were posted during pre-dawn hours.
The post Twitter rolls out wider expansion of 280-character tweets appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
During the presidential election, critics of the media maintained the press paid too much attention to Donald Trump's tweets. Focusing on the tweets let Trump set the day's news agenda and gave him oodles of free coverage, the critics said.
Twitter (1) is one of the most important microblogging services and it allows its users to share 140 character long messages called tweets. Twitter has been providing an online environment in which people can share their ideas, comments and concerns since 2006.