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1. A series of tweets on a particular topic composed by an individual Twitter user and posted in succession. Each tweet may start with number and a slash (such as "2/4") to convey that it is part of a longer message. Good grief, did you see her latest tweetstorm? I don't need eight tweets from one person clogging up my feed!
2. A surge in activity on Twitter as users comment on a particular topic or current event, often one that is controversial. Such users commonly use a unique hashtag relevant to the topic. The actor's sexist comments sparked a real tweetstorm, as well as a public outcry.


To post on Twitter about a live event as it happens, often by providing a commentary. One of the actors from that show live-tweets it every week.
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Lord Elis-Thomas said: "The implication of this tweet is wholly inappropriate - the original picture was taken to highlight the positive work of the new Cross Party Group on Boxing & should certainly not be used in this manner.
Therefore, with the new version, a user may share a tweet via direct message, share it elsewhere outside of Twitter, or bookmark it.
The tweet played on the internet meme of quoting Donald Trump's old tweets in light of new developments, usually in order to mock the US president.
Usher clarified the veracity of the tweet, saying it was fake and remarked the 16,000 retweets were extremely impressive.
1, it will begin collecting a more limited set of tweets in an effort to better fulfill its traditional role as a curator of U.
The Globe found that many of Trump's more incendiary tweets were posted during pre-dawn hours.
Councillor Margaret Bassett was accused of re-posting 'racist' tweets - including one from former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and another critical of child refugees coming into Britain.
The apparently rogue tweet came in response to President Donald Trump explaining why Republican Roy Moore wasn't able to win the race.
But this method of tweeting, while effective and popular, can be tricky for some to create and it's often tough to read or discover all the tweets in a thread,' said Twitter product manager Sasank Reddy in a statement on Wednesday.
In his tweet, PTI leader Naeemul Haque claimed that Fatemi was accompanying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to China in spite of the fact that he was dismissed from his duties over the Dawn Leaks issue.
Nick Harrington, who represents Stoneleigh and Cubbington on Warwick District Council, has also been suspended by the local Conservative group for six months following the tweet on Sunday night.
Trump's tweet war was a world war by mid-week as he repeatedly misquoted and insulted the mayor of London after terrorists attacked his city.
After initially claiming he was hacked, Miller said the tweet came from a staffer who did not realize the full extent of what he or she was sharing.
To send public messages, users mention about their friends' user names in tweet content by adding '@' character in front of it.
Greater Manchester Police (GMP) removed the tweet from their GMP Traffic Twitter account which had shown the men wearing SS uniforms and standing next to a German military Kubelwagen.