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To post on Twitter about a live event as it happens, often by providing a commentary. One of the actors from that show live-tweets it every week.


1. A series of tweets on a particular topic composed by an individual Twitter user and posted in succession. Each tweet may start with number and a slash (such as "2/4") to convey that it is part of a longer message. Good grief, did you see her latest tweetstorm? I don't need eight tweets from one person clogging up my feed!
2. A surge in activity on Twitter as users comment on a particular topic or current event, often one that is controversial. Such users commonly use a unique hashtag relevant to the topic. The actor's sexist comments sparked a real tweetstorm, as well as a public outcry.
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Cooper in his own tweet says he woke up to find out "someone gained access" to his account.
The tweet seems to have been prompted by the fact that none of the Irish judges voted for the British song to win.
During the presidential election, critics of the media maintained the press paid too much attention to Donald Trump's tweets. Focusing on the tweets let Trump set the day's news agenda and gave him oodles of free coverage, the critics said.
Screenshot of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's deleted tweet
Not only individuals write those spam tweets but also designed tweet generator tools are used to carry out this annoying and potentially malicious activity.
Following the incident, a GMP spokesman said: "A tweet was posted on a GMP local social media account on Sunday August 7 2016, which caused offence to a number of people.
The Thick Of It's Scots writer Armando Iannucci tweeted: "Oh God, there's going to be a lot of politics now."
There were some strange tweets sent out from the hacked account.
Another tweet said: "Breaking: Queen Elizabeth is being treated at King Edward VII Hospital in London.
His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai: 58 following, 3.98 million followers, 3,101 tweets.
One Tweet from Adolygu Cymdeithaseg @ CymdeithasegUG2 reads: "TLODI CYMAROL - Pan nad yw unigolyn yn gallu fforddio prynu beth mae eraill o'u hamgylch yn gallu prynu e.e.
She deleted her tweet about the World Bank report after she came to know that it was about her own party government.
Maryam shared the report on her Twitter handle with a tweet in Urdu, 'The real performance of incompetent and incapable [govt]'.
In another tweet, the account commented on two photos of singer Yook Sung-jae posing in an all-black outfit, saying, 'for the love of #YookSungJae #BTOB.'