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1. slang To use a stimulant drug, especially methamphetamine, for recreational purposes. A: "Hey, Jim, long time no see. Wanna come tweak with us later?" B: "No thanks, man, I gave crank up years ago."
2. slang To behave in a confused, agitated, and psychologically unstable manner as a result of methamphetamine withdrawal. Some junkie on the corner was tweaking so bad that I nearly called an ambulance.

tweak (something) off of (something)

To pluck, pinch, or twist something sharply in order to remove it from something else. She tweaked the back panel off of the gadget to get a look at its circuits. I went over and tweaked the dead heads off of the rose bush. He tweaked a grey hair off of my head.
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tweak off

1. To pluck, pinch, or twist something sharply in order to remove it (from something else). A noun or pronoun can be used between "tweak" and "off." She tweaked off the back panel of the gadget to get a look at its circuits. I went over to the rose bush and tweaked a flower off to give to Sarah. He tweaked the grey hair off of my head.
2. To make someone very angry, irritated, or annoyed. A noun or pronoun is used between "tweak" and "off." It tweaks me off so much to be stuck in traffic that I get up extra early to avoid rush hour. I don't know what tweaked him off, but he's been in a foul mood all morning.
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slang Intoxicated from an amphetamine or methamphetamine. A bunch of kids at the party were getting tweaked on Adderall. He was so tweaked on meth that I thought he was going to hurt someone.
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tweak something off (of) someone or something

 and tweak something off
to flick something off someone or something; to remove something from someone or something by pinching. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Sarah tweaked a little beetle off of Fred. Sarah tweaked off a little bug.
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tv. to adjust something slightly. Tweak the tuner a little and see if you can get that station just a little bit clearer.
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In fact, macrophages are one of the main resources of soluble TWEAK in inflammatory tissues [18].
Because blocking TWEAK has no apparent immunosuppressive effects, it might be a candidate for combination therapy with existing cytotoxic drugs.
TWEAK Enhances the Production of Cytokines in Keratinocytes and Other Skin Cells
The sequences of primers of LY6E, OASL, ISG15, TWEAK, and [beta]-actin were presented in Supplementary Table 3.
"Tweak is a super versatile beer--you could start the day with a coffee mug of Tweak and your boss would never know.
Fuji has reached into film history to tweak a digital light sensor technology that appears in the new $600 Fuji X20 consumer camera.
"Rather than stamping my authority I've just tweaked a couple of things.
We'll continue to tweak, update and refresh as we go forward.
It can be tempting to buy the tweak story, especially since everyone knows that intensive product development is on the back burner until the recession recedes.
Tweak it and freak it; a killer guide to making Windows run your way.
In no uncertain terms, Rupert explained to the teacher that should he tweak either of Douglas' delicate ears ever again he would return to administer a terrible tweaking of the teacher's ears.
"Clearly, as a state, we've lacked the political courage to fundamentally challenge the status quo, not just tweak it at its edges."
If the Massachusetts senators' motive was to tweak the president or tweak Mr.
The definition that best fits electronics manufacturing in general and printing in particular is "to touch something up, fiddle with the finishing touches or make tiny little changes." In our industry, tweak is usually used in such a way as, "I just gotta tweak a little bit here and there and it will be perfect." That in turn usually leads to a response such as, "I just tweaked this and this and this and this and this and ohhh no, now this!"