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and I don't play one on TV

A phrase used humorously when one is discussing or giving an opinion on something they have an extremely limited knowledge of. I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, but that cut looks infected to me.
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peak TV

The period of proliferation of TV shows in the late 2010s resulting in a multitude of quality programs across streaming, cable, and broadcast platforms. The phrase, attributed to CEO of FX Networks John Landgraf, originally referred to the seeming unsustainability of such a large number of shows. It's peak TV, and I'm actively watching eight different shows, not including the ones I want to watch but don't have time to!
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TV dinner

1. A frozen, ready-made meal that comes packaged in a disposable and microwavable serving tray. Primarily heard in US. We ate a lot of TV dinners whenever Dad was out of town for work. I'm way too lazy to cook, so I'll just nuke a TV dinner in the microwave.
2. slang Carrion, especially roadkill. ("TV" in this sense is used as a jocular initialism of "turkey vulture," which eats carrion.) Primarily heard in US. The bus driver kept referring to the road kill we were passing as TV dinners because of all the turkey vultures in the area. This highway is mostly traversed by huge cargo trucks, so there are always TV dinners littered all over it.
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TV dinner

n. roadkill; a turkey vulture dinner. Whoops. I just made a TV dinner out of a squirrel!
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