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tussle with (someone or something)

1. To fight, scuffle, or wrestle with someone. Tom was arrested for tussling with another man outside the bar. You want to tussle with me? OK, bring it on—give me your best shot!
2. To struggle to use, manipulate, or fix something. He's been out tussling with that rusty lawnmower all day, but he's never going to get it working. I just feel like I spend most of my workday tussling with this clunky old computer.
3. To enter into a heated or contentious argument or debate with someone. He's ready to tussle with state senators to get this legislation approved.
4. To struggle to overcome or resolve something. She's been tussling with guilt and self-doubt ever since the accident.
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tussle with someone or something

1. to struggle or battle with someone or something. Tim tussled with Roger for a while, and then they made peace. I tussled with the trunk, trying to get it into the attic.
2. Fig. to argue or contend with someone, a group, or something. (Fig. on {2}.) I tussled with my conscience all night. We tussled with the committee and won our point.
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