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Keeping with this season's trend for baroque and opulent designs, Adeeba showcased rich prints in conservative gowns such as the black mermaid turtle-neck dress which, in this writer's opinion, would require a stellar figure to pull off.
Safari suits, fisherman's white-wool turtle-neck sweaters, round faces, Richard Attenborough white beards.
A pre-Aids world of free love, models, New York nightspots and turtle-neck sweaters was revisited with a star turn from the iconic figure of Mia Farrow - partner of Frank Sinatra, Andre Previn and Woody Allen.
The trousers aren't breathtakingly tight either and the famous chest hair is usually covered by a turtle-neck sweater.
Sleeveless, micromini Venera Arapu wrap dress with oversized V neck and armholes, accessorized with matching rib knit turtle-neck collar and belt.
Usually I wear tights and ski pants, a T-shirt and a turtle-neck, a pair of heavy ski boots, a fleece jacket, gloves, and a hat," Ned says.
Go with creature comforts in clothing: In your eyes a cashmere mock turtle-neck sweater and trousers may be what you want to see your man wearing, but is he more of a ribbed henley and jeans sort of guy?
com White shirt, PS69, Cos Floral lace, PS49, M&Co Bird print, PS89, Biba at House of Fraser Bird print, PS89, Biba at House of Fraser Turtle-neck print, PS25, very.
Abhishek, wearing black overcoat and grey turtle-neck sweater, was also spotted with Aishwarya.