turning point

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*turning point

Fig. a time when things may change; a point at which a change of course is possible or desirable. (Originally nautical. Fig. on the image of a ship approaching a point where a change of course has been planned. (*Typically: be at ~; come to ~; reach ~.) Things are at to a turning point. Bob can no longer afford the payments on his car. I think we have come to a turning point and there ought to be some improvement henceforth.
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McClusckey Mr Major said: "Anyone can see that what Lord Victor and Turning Point have done is morally wrong.
According to the report, the vast majority of those who took part in the research believed the key turning points should be taught in schools.
The physical solutions, however, have not yet been analyzed with the recent measurements of the universe, especially on the turning point redshift.
This reviewer, for instance, might be tempted to argue that the more important turning point in World War II for American foreign policy came not so much with Pearl Harbor but how America chose to wage war and how it enforced a total military victory over its opponents, leaving the United States with global postwar challenges and the mobilized power to respond to them.
Another reformed drinker Rab MacFarlane, 37, of Llanelli, has been attending Turning Point Cymru for six months and is also taking part in the walk.
She is joined on Turning Point NE by other former Waygood board members and studio holders who have gone on to open their own galleries, and one of whom, apparently, would like pounds 40,000 to open a gallery in New York for one year.
When the clock strikes midnight 10 years from now, you'll be able to look back with 2020 hindsight at this moment and this year as your pivotal turning point for the dream life you will be enjoying.
Turning Point has achieved a remarkable graduation rate with 12 out of 20 students recently graduating, and another eight set to graduate later this year.
628" is Turning Point Church's youth group for sixth through eighth graders.
Turning Point wants to see more hospital intervention programmes which ask the right questions to identify dependent drinkers.
Turning Point wants to see the widening of hospital intervention programmes which train frontline NHS staff to dig deep with their questions and find dependent drinkers.
STOURBRIDGE manager Gary Hackett believes Leon Broadhurst's disallowed goal against Brackley this week proved the turning point in their FA Cup exit against Brackley.
Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point is an in-depth, historical and critical analysis of Abraham Lincoln's three-hour speech delivered at Peoria on October 16, 1854.
At the end of its first week the team of 25 staff took a well-earned break to welcome chief executive Lord Victor Adebowale, of social care organisation Turning Point.