turning point

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*turning point

Fig. a time when things may change; a point at which a change of course is possible or desirable. (Originally nautical. Fig. on the image of a ship approaching a point where a change of course has been planned. (*Typically: be at ~; come to ~; reach ~.) Things are at to a turning point. Bob can no longer afford the payments on his car. I think we have come to a turning point and there ought to be some improvement henceforth.
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While the banquet is underwritten by Turning Point and its generous donors, please note that this is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Turning Point and a financial appeal will be made.
Dubai: The future is too precious to waste and is often shaped by turning points in our lives if we are aware enough to recognise them, senior political women of global note told delegates at Women's Forum Dubai on Monday morning.
The research, commissioned by adult learning website Love to Learn, marks the release of a new online course exploring Turning Points in Modern History, the report said.
Vieau and his team at Turning Point learned this again in the early years after the organization's 2003 founding.
Students can avail the NIIT Turning Point Scholarship application forms at NIIT education centres across the country untill August 31.
For a holographic dark energy, the turning point redshift depends on a free parameter [22].
Engels therefore takes a critical look at modern environmentalism and the most popular turning point in recent history: the "ecological u-turn".
They, at least, had already rounded the turning point.
I was in class 9 and an older friend had two albums (both of 1969 vintage), Turning Point, which was a live recording, and Empty Rooms, a studio effort.
Proceeds go to alcohol misuse support group, Turning Point Cymru, which received pounds 997,927 from the Big Lottery Fund when it was set up in 2007, and the Special Care Baby Unit at West Wales General Hospital, Carmarthen.
In the first instance, the Arts Council's recent Turning Point initiative should be scrapped as this pilot project, if fully adopted, will only serve to draw vital income away towards individuals and projects that have less impact upon the general public.
Some make that turning point at age 15, some not until they're 50; some do it several times throughout their lives and some never at all.
This kind of turning point will not be attained by sitting in front of the TV because somebody needs to cut off the film-strip, says Kokalanov.
Paris District High School's Turning Point Program, now in its fourth year, lets youths up to 21 years old return to school at any time to participate at their own pace in a unique co-op high school program.
Members of the Turning Point Church have been volunteering to help out in the school, and in the process approach students about attending religious events.
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