turn aside

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turn aside

1. To deflect something; to direct or divert something away. A noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "aside." Special shielding on the space shuttle's windows turns harmful solar radiation aside to protect the astronauts inside. The president turned aside questions about his involvement with the company and changed the subject to matters of foreign policy.
2. To refuse someone entry from place or event. A noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "aside." Anyone who is late will be turned aside. They turned me aside because they said I wasn't dressed formally enough.
3. To reject or dismiss something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "aside." They turned aside my entreaties to reverse their decision. Unfortunately, we've had to turn a number of applications aside because the applicants did not follow the instructions correctly.
4. To divert someone or cause someone to deviate from some activity, course, or direction. A noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "aside." Having kids turned me aside from my ambitions as a writer, but I don't feel any regrets about it. Don't let the promise of power or wealth turn you aside from your moral compass.
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turn someone aside

to divert someone from the flow of people. The attendant turned the poorly dressed man aside. The attendant turned aside all the persons who arrived late.
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turn something aside

to evade something. Ann turned the awkward questions aside. She turned aside the questions she didn't want to answer.
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turn aside

1. To deflect something: cause something to turn or deviate: The goalie turned aside six of the seven shots. The manager turned all of the allegations aside.
2. To reject or refuse someone or something: The office turned aside my request. The company turned my complaints aside.
3. To deviate from a certain way, course, or direction: I turned aside from the career path that my father had taken.
4. turn aside from To cause someone to turn or deviate from a certain way, course, or direction: My rowdy friends turned me aside from my studies.
See also: aside, turn
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Prime Minister's Political Advisor Sadiq al-Rikabi said, before the EU Foreign Relation Committee, here, that "Iraq aims at turning aside previous stands and build new positive and fruitful relations with the neighboring countries, as well as other countries of the world".
Until the weekend, Palin had been turning aside almost all speculations about the 2012 presidential elections by saying that she was only focused on November's midterm election.
The New Hampshire House has endorsed raising the state's gasoline tax by 15 cents a gallon, turning aside a move to change the discount given to E-ZPass users.
But Shay Given came to Ireland's rescue in the 24th minute with a one-handed, diving stop to his right in turning aside a 25-yard drive from Robert Vittek.
The authors give an extensive overview on the design fundamentals and concepts of the network architecture blueprint known as SAFE, then describe how to define security risks and mitigation techniques, including defining a security policy and classifying and turning aside attacks, how to create a security portfolio with core and perimeter security products, and how to design and implement SAFE networks, whether small, medium remote or at the enterprise level.
But public companies, long accustomed to turning aside what they deemed as frivolous or wrongheaded resolutions put forth by shareholders, still frequently dig in their heels when challenged in proxy contests--whose results ordinarily are non-binding, anyway.
It can be a time for turning aside, for entering into stillness, for picking up small lustrous mysteries and turning them over in the palm of your hand, quietly considering them: how God loved us so much that God chose to bridge the gap between us and came to be with us, a helpless and vulnerable newborn, born of a girl who took such terrible risks in saying "Yes" to God.
Turning aside pleas from students, alumni and newspaper professionals in the Lone Star State, Texas A&M University is preparing to shut down its journalism department.
He made two excellent close-range saves from Spike before turning aside a header from defender Tony Godfrey, who had come forward for a corner.
Mimms had already saved well from Iwelumo's close-range header and denied him again on 75, turning aside his 15-yard blast.
An ancestral voice in his own time, Wallace spoke again on May 21, 1947: "Today, in blind fear of communism, we are turning aside from the United Nations.
He followed this up by turning aside a drive from Smith, who was Gillingham's man of the match.
Turning aside UMW President Mitchell's pleas to avoid striking, the locals one by one voted to participate in a regional walkout.
Turning aside from life's darker aspects, she made Romanticism easy and respectable.
He posted a .692 save percentage, turning aside 287 shots while posting a 5.56 goals against average and leading the Tomahawks to the Central Mass.