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3 times in various verbal phrases: "we were /.../ turning suddenly out of alleys" (p.
He or she can avoid the spin aspect by keeping the slip/skid ball centered while turning. On the flip side, airspeed can be fine but the pilot is turning into a tailwind with the slip/skid ball pinned at one end or the other.
Vehicles randomly change their lines, which affects the left-turning vehicles' safety level and operational performance in their turning process.
Some motorists make a U-turn even from the middle lane, placing themselves on a potential collision course with those in the far left lane turning left, on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard.
Of course, it is not enough for preaching to do what God is doing, in this case turning everything upside down.
He wants to find out whether turning red helps plants survive cold weather.
Leave Arden Way by turning left through a hand gate to reach a junction.
Units are turning in the ACADA or its M88 detector without following proper turn-in procedures--and that's causing problems.
Place your hand to the inside of your front foot if turning or balancing is challenging.
Turning through west, the flight lead's radar altimeter, set to 5,000 feet, went off.
Twist your upper body, turning your hips to the right.
Richard Raffan's Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide To Turning is a woodworker's 'bible' on master techniques for turning bowls and spindles.
Bush and Rumsfeld have also suggested that each point along the road was a turning point.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS: The machine can perform turning (swing: 25.6 in.; maximum cutting length and diameter, respectively: 15.75 in., 11.02 in.), as well as boring, milling, and tapping in a single setup.
This has meant turning our coat closet into a nook for the refrigerator, and turning half of our living room into a bedroom, using a mobile closet to double as a wall.