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Chapter Four 2009-2014 Global and China Market of Turning insert 4.
Of course, it is not enough for preaching to do what God is doing, in this case turning everything upside down.
Head into the middle of Tanworth-in-Arden and continue along the main road before turning left down Bates Lane.
dial-up) to the proper slot, and turning on the base station.
When units order LRUs or SRUs without turning in their unserviceable ones, it puts a strain on the system.
These efforts, perhaps best demonstrated in the work of Raphael, reach beyond the simple inclusion or philological citation of visual analogues of rhetorical figures--such as the embodiment of antithesis in the contrapposto, for example--to a more complex and genuinely creative pictorial intelligence in which artists develop the affective potential of the visual trope, or, in this case, the emotional, ontological, and temporal dimensions of the turning pose.
The amount of things that you can do with turning may be surprising.
The throw is initiated by the turning of the support leg, knee, and hips toward the front of the ring.
When allowed to shift their gaze by turning their heads to track a target shown in the display, observers accurately estimated the direction in which this simulated motion would take them.
Warm April rains had brought down the mountain snowpack with such fury the river turned on itself, gouging saplings and century-old trees from it banks, turning its waters to mud brown The sapling, half of its roots swept away in the river's fury, hung from the bank's edge.
Over the past decade, manufacturers have been developing and perfecting an automatically turning bed that is portable, easily used on standard bed frames, and far less costly than units requiring a specialized frame as well as sleep surface.
At the Indy, "you spend 60 percent of your time turning," says driver Lyn St.
Windmoeller & Hoelscher, the first blown-film equipment supplier to offer an oscillating hauloff back in 1973, sells a unit that feeds the film through a series of two horizontally arranged turning bars and two idler rolls after the primary nip and collapsing frame.
The new Watt Stopper sensors give homeowners a simple way to save energy by automatically turning lights off in empty rooms, thus making ordinary home lighting more green and eco-friendly.
If Smith chooses Wal-Mart over his constituents, his legacy will be the turning of Nordhoff into the equivalent of the ``405 Freeway of Valley streets.