turn (one's) stomach

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turn (one's) stomach

To cause one to become nauseated. Ugh, the smell of eggs cooking just turns my stomach. The amount of money we spent at that restaurant turned my stomach.
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turn someone's stomach

Fig. to upset one's stomach. The violent movie turned my stomach. The rich, creamy food turned John's stomach.
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turn one's stomach

Nauseate one, disgust one, as in That mess of spoiled food turns my stomach. This idiom alludes to being so nauseated that one vomits-that is, the stomach in effect turns around and brings up food. It was first recorded in 1622.
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turn your stomach


make your stomach turn

1. If food or a smell turns your stomach, it makes you feel sick. I can't eat meat, it turns my stomach. The mingling smells of all the food cooking in the kitchen made her stomach turn.
2. If something you have seen or heard about turns your stomach, it makes you feel very shocked because you feel it is morally wrong. The way he treats his staff turns my stomach.
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turn someone's stomach

nauseate someone.
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turn somebody’s ˈstomach


make somebody’s ˈstomach turn

make somebody feel sick or disgusted: The thought of eating a raw egg turns my stomach.
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References in classic literature ?
They were the first I had ever beheld, and I should have been curious enough to dissect one of them, if I had had proper instruments, which I unluckily left behind me in the ship, although, indeed, the sight was so nauseous, that it perfectly turned my stomach.
I know we're getting more adventurous when it comes to the food we try but what I saw in the supermarket the other day really turned my stomach.
THE 15-ton "fatberg" - a lump of fat, baby wipes and other rubbish - blocking the sewers of wholesome London suburb Kingston - turned my stomach.
Watching them do that behind my back turned my stomach," she said.
This weekend I spotted something that really turned my stomach - fur shops, two of them.
That picture of her striding down the catwalk smoking a cigarette, in contravention of the law, turned my stomach.
I was close to the Anfield Road end and the derogatory songs about Heysel and Hillsborough turned my stomach.
DON'T know about you, but the sight of Tony Blair standing at the Cenotaph last Sunday with his poppy and his best solemn face both pinned on turned my stomach.
IT TURNED my stomach to read gang member Jimmy Collins saying he had also been the victim of shootings, and watched his friends die, when talking of innocent Shane Geoghegan's death.
It seemed to be just staring at me and I was so horrified it turned my stomach.
It turned my stomach straight away and I ran out of the kitchen - I was literally sick.
about the soundtrack, adding, "The throwing up and the needle turned my stomach, and some of the hits kind of made me wince.
I was going to vote Labour but seeing Mr Blair with a world-cruise suntan turned my stomach.
Maybe I'm getting old but the sight of Dubliner Paul Flaherty baring all at Croker last week almost turned my stomach.
The thin, greasy, tasteless sticks turned my stomach and were quickly binned soon after weighing 275g on my in-car scales.