turn (something) on its head

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turn (something) on its head

1. To misinterpret or misrepresent something so that it is completely incorrect or the opposite of what it should be. I'm afraid we've turned the original mission statement on its head—this is the opposite of what we stand for. You just turned your previous statement on its head, and now you're contradicting yourself.
2. To innovate or alter something, such as a field or activity, in an unexpected or unprecedented way. He has turned fine dining in this town on its head with three words: hot dog soup.
See also: head, on, turn

turn something on its head


stand something on its head

COMMON If you turn something such as an argument, fact or theory on its head or stand it on its head, you make it have the opposite effect or meaning. Instead of pleading for women's rights, the Equal Opportunities Commission should turn the argument on its head and point out the cost of denying women the right to earn. The effect of these arguments is to stand on its head a Convention framed to prevent the State from depriving citizens of life and liberty.
See also: head, on, something, turn