turn your stomach

turn (one's) stomach

To cause one to feel or become nauseated. Ugh, the smell of eggs cooking just turns my stomach. The amount of money we spent at that restaurant turned my stomach.
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turn your stomach


make your stomach turn

1. If food or a smell turns your stomach, it makes you feel sick. I can't eat meat, it turns my stomach. The mingling smells of all the food cooking in the kitchen made her stomach turn.
2. If something you have seen or heard about turns your stomach, it makes you feel very shocked because you feel it is morally wrong. The way he treats his staff turns my stomach.
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turn someone's stomach

nauseate someone.
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turn someone’s stomach

tv. to nauseate someone. That stuff turns my stomach. Do I have to eat it?
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One scene where pliers are used to pull bullets from a wounded leg will turn your stomach, but there's comedy value in it, too.
Local councillor Phil Edwards said the vandalism was "enough to turn your stomach".
The Swansea fans were really lording it up after that, it was enough to turn your stomach.
When I was growing up, it was commonplace to regularly hear jokes about "Pakis", "coloureds" and "spastics" - stuff that would turn your stomach these days.
The thought of munching on a rotting toad carcass may turn your stomach. But for the stingless vulture bee, the decaying flesh makes for a healthy meal.
Varmints might turn your stomach with its graphic imagery of exploding prairie dogs, but it's a balanced treatment, letting its interview subjects either elucidate or hang themselves.
But a bad sausage will just ruin breakfast, while a bad law can turn your stomach for years.
But her teenage daughter Lexie tops that tonight with a chocolate cake recipe that will really turn your stomach.
Smashing your face in a blueberry pie to win a pie-eating contest might turn your stomach, but blueberries are worth devouring because they're good for you.
No matter how many times you hear the stories they never cease to turn your stomach.
No, it won't turn your stomach. Repulsion is a property of magnetism.
Her dodgy patterned shirt on its own would be enough to turn your stomach without Meg, 35, performing the nasal excavation before finishing her lunch.
If that was not enough to turn your stomach there were also mice droppings all over the place and the lavatory looked so dirty you'd be reluctant to throw up in it.
But, if her selfishness doesn't turn your stomach, I hope you are repulsed by another Labour luvvie's medical breakthrough.
It will either have you in stitches or turn your stomach.