turn water off

turn someone's water off

Sl. to deflate someone; to silence someone. He said you were stupid, huh? Well, I guess that turns your water off! That really turned off her water.
See also: off, turn, water
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If your pipes freeze, turn water off at the main stopcock straight away and then wait for it to warm up, or you can try and thaw the pipes with a hot water bottle.
Second, facility personnel could not turn water off before 8 p.m.
After smashing two windows and flooding the downstairs, one of the gang wrote in permanent marker on a nearby work surface: "Sorry tried to turn water off. Could not find it.
Valves can be set to turn water off after a certain amount of time, and infrared sensors can stop the flow automatically when not in use.
You simply get wet, turn water off, lather up, and then rinse.
Both will turn water off after a specific number of minutes, hours, or gallons.
It is not always necessary turn water off before commencing a minor repair.