turn upside down

turn someone or something upside down

1. Lit. to invert someone or something. The wrestler turned his opponent upside down and dropped him on his head. I turned the bottle upside down, trying to get the last drop out.
2. Fig. to upset someone or something; to thoroughly confuse someone or something. The whole business turned me upside down. It'll take days to recover.
See also: down, turn, upside

turn something upside down

Fig. to throw things all about in a thorough search for someone or something. We turned this place upside down, looking for the lost ring. Please don't turn everything upside down, looking for your book.
See also: down, turn, upside

turn upside down

Put in disorder, mix or mess up, as in He turned the whole house upside down looking for his checkbook. This metaphoric phrase transfers literally inverting something so that the upper part becomes the lower (or vice versa) to throwing into disorder or confusion. [First half of 1800s]
See also: down, turn, upside

turn something ˌinside ˈout/ˌupside ˈdown

1 make a place very untidy when you are searching for something: I’ve turned this drawer inside out but I can’t find my passport.The thieves turned the office upside down but they didn’t find anything valuable.
2 cause large changes: The new manager turned the old systems inside out.
References in classic literature ?
No sooner had Joey told us this than the poor old fellow began to turn upside down and stood on his head; but we pretended not to notice, and talked about the weather until he came to.
When they turn upside down, it means you're upside down.
Today, the ketchup industry will turn upside down with the announcement of Hunt's Perfect Squeeze Ketchup.
In 1996, the world did not turn upside down yet again.
This is the moment when the RAC Rally hopes of British champion Gwyndaf Evans turn upside down (left).
An eyewitness said he saw the aircraft shudder, twist round and turn upside down before plunging into the rockface.
in New York City won hers for discovering that oxygen-starved sea stars turn upside down to breathe.
The toll-free calling market is about to turn upside down, causing ripples that will be felt by virtually every cataloger," the magazine says.
To assemble, remove cake from freezer and turn upside down on a shallow foil-lined baking pan so cake is on the bottom.
The biologist found that sea stars turn upside down to soak up oxygen from the air when they can't get enough from the water.
My suggestion will profoundly change, if not turn upside down, how we look at the Archean environment,' Walker told SCIENCE NEWS.