turn up toes

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turn up (one's) toes

1. To die. After the CEO suddenly turned up her toes in 2013, the company has failed to regain its strong sense of direction in the market.
2. To fail; to go out of business. Another local grocery store has turned up their toes, the latest victim of the giant retailer that's been undercutting every competitor's prices.
3. To give up completely; to stop putting in the effort necessary to compete or succeed. Despite a strong showing in the first half, the team seemed to just turn up their toes after their opponents started putting a bit of pressure on.
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turn up one's toes

Sl. to die. When I turn up my toes, I want a big funeral with lots of flowers. Our cat turned up his toes during the night. He was nearly ten years old.
See also: toe, turn, up