turn toward

turn someone or something toward someone or something

to turn someone or something to face someone or something. The nurse turned the old man toward his daughter, who had come to visit him. Ken turned the microphone toward the speaker.
See also: toward, turn
References in classic literature ?
He glared down at the dead panther and then, in a fit of rage, he seized and mauled the body only to drop it in a moment, lower his head, voice a single terrific roar, and turn toward the ape-man.
Forecasters said Fay likely would turn toward the north and increase in speed Saturday, then turn toward the northeast Sunday, staying well out in the Atlantic.
Cisco's decision to become a member of council comes at a time when greater cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders within the evolving digital value-chain has begun to take a more aggressive and goal-driven turn toward the future.
Step 2: Turn your left foot and leg in toward center 75 degrees and your right foot and leg outward 90 degrees to turn toward the right until your entire body faces your right leg as if you just took a giant step forward.
Despite the mufti of Australia's pronouncement that a woman without a hijab is like a piece of raw meat, despite our exporting of fundamentalism and all its misogynist works to Canada, I sense a slight winter solstice turn toward the light.
Drawing upon the author's life as personal testimonial, Secure in Heart discusses how to spot Satan's false securities, and the flaws of being so self-reliant or self-protective as to shut out one's need for God, a condition as spiritually harmful as being so dependent or helpless as to be unable to turn toward or trust God.
Something, perhaps a cruel look, held me and made me turn toward the path I had just finished walking.
Passing the 180-degree position on the downwind leg, just as the H2P started the turn toward final, the HAC realized they hadn't secured the anticollision lights, the normal procedure once the aircraft entered the pattern.
While this might have signaled a turn toward the subdued, especially since his mother was nowhere in sight, the artist's distinctive brand of grotesquerie remained apparent in the show's four paintings and four sculptures--the latter consisting of mannequins covered in thick layers of plaster and paint--on show here.
Boston Ballet's treasury of 19th-century classics takes a turn toward Britain with its revised staging of The Sleeping Beauty.
It's autumn, when a young musician's thoughts turn toward polities and love.
The work for Philip II was not just the inevitable honor to a great talent but coincided with Guidobaldo della Rovere's dramatic diplomatic turn toward the Spanish crown after leaving the service of the pope (the Farnese and Savoy had both also turned toward Spain, after seeing disappointment with the French).
Turn toward the hoop and take one dribble toward the basket with the outside hand and shoot a jump shot.
As early adopter sales begin to soften, interest will turn toward capturing the attention and imagination of vertical markets while growing overall corporate acceptance.