turn away from (someone or something)

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turn (one) away from (someone or something)

To cause one to abandon, quit, disown, or be repelled or repulsed by someone or something. The ugliness of the last election turned many people away from politics for good. Extremely high prices have been turning would-be homeowners away from buying property in the area.
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turn away from (someone or something)

1. Literally, to turn one's body, head, or eyes in a different direction than someone or something, typically to avoid facing or looking at them. I turned away from the couple as they started fighting in front of me. Don't turn away from me—look me in the eye!
2. To abandon, quit, or disown someone or something. I know that many people are turning away from the traditional political parties because they feel like they aren't adequately represented by either. I turned away from the police force due to the corruption I encountered every day.
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turn (away) (from someone or something)

to turn oneself to avoid someone or something. She turned away from me as I walked past, pretending not to see me. She turned from Ken and ran.
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1. in. to go over to the other side, as with a spy or a criminal turning into an informer. (Underworld.) Is there a chance that Bart would turn?
2. tv. to corrupt someone; to turn someone to a life of crime. Pete was trying to turn a young kid.
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The project works with youngsters aged five to 20 who are living in deprived areas and provides activities designed to turn them away from gang life and anti social behaviour and turn them into positive role models.
With advance warning, engineers can power down satellites and turn them away from the sun, delay launches of craft and make sure astronauts are not out spacewalking, and mitigate widespread damage to electronic systems on Earth.
Some are still content to take liberties and when this happens, bus drivers should turn them away from their vehicles.
The team will then seek to enter into a voluntary arrangement with the young person and their family to turn them away from the potential of becoming involved in crime.
The sight of a pathetic US team being mauled will turn them away from the sport forever.
How so many parents and Catholic educators do not challenge young people to participate in Mass, fearing such insistence may turn them away from Mass.
Knowing the company needed an introduction to "wow" potential users and turn them away from tried-and-true products, promotional ideas chosen were clever and noticeable.
During the years they live separately, they maintain contact and continue to remind each other of the importance of following through with their vows to become strong, successful black women and never let a man turn them away from their dreams, that they made during their early days back home.