turn stomach

turn (one's) stomach

To cause one to become nauseated. Ugh, the smell of eggs cooking just turns my stomach. The amount of money we spent at that restaurant turned my stomach.
See also: stomach, turn

turn someone's stomach

Fig. to upset one's stomach. The violent movie turned my stomach. The rich, creamy food turned John's stomach.
See also: stomach, turn
References in periodicals archive ?
It was a challenge to turn stomachs, centre-back Miguel Britos recklessly diving in on Knockaert after losing a foot race down the touchline, the ball nowhere to be seen.
FEW cars turn heads these days, although a few turn stomachs.
While a good review is a marketing bonanza, a bad one will turn stomachs.
And while some certainly turned heads, others suffered a fashion meltdown that threatened to turn stomachs.
OVER in Albert Square, the Pat and Patrick carry on continues to turn stomachs across the nation.
and his embrace with Mohamed Al-Fayed during the warm-up was enough to turn stomachs.
Doctors Roger Cattan ("thirty-something's" Ken Olin), Tim Lonner (Matt Craven and Evan Newman (Rick Roberts) have ditched their spirit-sapping practices and joined forces, opening an office with weird decor and a predisposition to turn stomachs instead of profits.
I'm sure you would rather turn heads than turn stomachs.
JELLIED eels are not the only slimy thing to turn stomachs in the East End.
Every time Quality takes his designer suit to Baghdad, to kow-tow to Saddam, it doesn't only turn stomachs, but public opinion.
The TV gang's leader Johnny Knoxville, 32, and co-star Steve-O, 29, stepped out at the glittering bash at Dublin's UGC cinema determined to turn stomachs.