turn onto

turn onto something

1. Lit. to walk or steer one's vehicle onto a road, highway, or path. Turn onto the main road and go west about a mile. As she turned onto the familiar highway, she realized that she had left her purse in the store.
2. turn onto someone or something Inf. Fig. to become interested in someone or something. Jeff turned onto electronics at the age of fourteen. I tried to get her to turn onto me, but she could only think of John.
See also: turn
References in classic literature ?
And I also am to fight with this gentleman," said Aramis, coming in his turn onto the place.
In Rumney, if you are coming out of New Road, there is a no right turn onto Newport Road.
Road users travelling between Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street and Al Wajbah Street are advised to take the following routes: Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street to Al Wajbah Street - Road users from Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street towards Al Wajbah Street will be required to take a right turn onto Ermaila Street and continue straight until they reach Al Wajbah Street.
Road users will have to stop at the interchange in front of the Post Office and turn onto Al Markhiya Street and vice versa.
Turn onto a floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 8-10 minutes.
Before large amounts of money are spent couldn't a trial be undertaken to allow a longer period to allow traffic to proceed from Broad Lane towards the city or to turn onto the A45.
e Vauxhall Astra driver, in his 70s, was attempting a right turn onto Leeds Road when he lost control of his car.
Waiting on Highland Street to make a left turn onto Lancaster Street.
From there, runners will turn onto West Amazon Drive and then head north on Hilyard Street and Amazon Parkway before turning onto East 19th Avenue and then onto High Street, where they'll continue north to Cheshire Avenue before crossing the finish line at Skinner Butte Park.
On driving over the bridge five times recently, I noticed the lights are always on green to turn onto Scotswood Road, but there are no give way lines beyond those lights.
The seaplane appeared to turn onto a base leg for landing, then made a steep left turn and entered a left spin.
Turn onto a floured surface and roll out to an oblong about 22 x 28cm or 9in x11in.
Take a right turn onto Harbor Drive in Harbor Acres.
Go past one light and take the first left turn onto Connell Avenue.