turn onto

turn onto something

1. Lit. to walk or steer one's vehicle onto a road, highway, or path. Turn onto the main road and go west about a mile. As she turned onto the familiar highway, she realized that she had left her purse in the store.
2. turn onto someone or something Inf. Fig. to become interested in someone or something. Jeff turned onto electronics at the age of fourteen. I tried to get her to turn onto me, but she could only think of John.
See also: turn
References in classic literature ?
And I also am to fight with this gentleman," said Aramis, coming in his turn onto the place.
From New York City: Travel east on the Grand Central Parkway or LIE to Whitestone Expressway, follow signs to the Whitestone Bridge, exit before bridge at 20th Avenue (Exit 15) go to traffic light and make a left turn onto 20th Avenue (cross over Expressway).
Take a right turn onto Harbor Drive in Harbor Acres.
Go past one light and take the first left turn onto Connell Avenue.
The incident - which may have been caused by either a mechanical problem or the aircraft missing its turn onto a taxiway - forced officials to close the airport temporarily until the aircraft was removed.
While in route to an Ed Templeton art show, make a wrong turn onto a military base where they do "routine vehicle searches.
The copilot then began a descending, decelerating turn onto the final approach to the site at 60 knots.
Halfway down the hill and going faster by the second, she saw a horse wearing blinders turn onto the road in front of her.
I stood behind a tree some distance from the main road and saw several truckloads of prisoners turn onto a dusty gravel track.
The new finding may provide couch potatoes further incentive to turn off the TV and turn onto regular exercise, such as running, swimming or tennis.
From the 605 North and 210 East -- exit at Mount Olive and make a right onto Foothill, make a left turn onto Encanto Parkway.
1) ere are health and safety issues, involving turning caravans pulled by large vehicles, having no space to turn onto the A5 from the direct exit at the waste tip.
The chase ended as Blanton allegedly tried to turn onto Patterson Street and instead slammed into the flower shop.
Right turn onto Cook Street, left onto Miles Avenue and left onto Dewey Street.
Cars attempting to turn onto Commercial Street from Princess Street were ordered to turn back.