turn of the screw

turn of the screw

Something that worsens an already difficult or negative situation. Seeing my ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend is just another turn of the screw. My financial situation is already dire, so that traffic ticket is a real turn of the screw.
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a (final or last) turn of the screw

an additional amount of pressure or hardship applied to a situation that is already extremely difficult to bear. informal
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a ˌturn of the ˈscrew

another problem or difficulty added to a situation which is already very bad: In this recession a rise in interest rates is just another turn of the screw for businesses.This idiom refers to a method of torturing people. Thumbscrews were used to crush people’s thumbs, and turning them tightened them.
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References in classic literature ?
If the child gives the effect another turn of the screw, what do you say to TWO children--?"
Just when it seemed to him that another turn of the screw would kill him, little Stanislovas stopped.
He perceived himself so extremely forlorn and lamentable, and was moved so deeply by the oppressive sorrow, that another turn of the screw, he felt, would bring tears out of his eyes.
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