turn in on oneself

turn in on (oneself)

1. To become more insular and detached from outside people or influences; to cut oneself off from others. He has really turned in on himself lately. He doesn't want to leave the house or interact with other people at all anymore. I turned in on myself to deal with my grief, suffering in self-imposed isolation. The island nation turned in on itself during this period, severing contact with the outside world.
2. To undergo a catastrophic internal failure; to collapse. I left the company just as it had begun to turn in on itself. It seemed like the whole of society in the war-torn country was turning in on itself.
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turn in (up)on oneself

to become introverted. Over the years, she had turned in upon herself and was quiet and alone. The death of his wife caused Jed to turn in on himself.
See also: on, turn
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