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followed by a crow, as from some infernally-hatched Chanticleer, apprising him under whose victorious fire he stands, he turns the corner into safety, and takes Durdles home: Durdles stumbling among the litter of his stony yard as if he were going to turn head foremost into one of the unfinished tombs.
IF THERE is one thing Heidi Klum knows how to do, it is turn heads.
The French brand says the new arrival will reflect the renewal of its C-line of vehicles and turn heads courtesy of its dynamic lines and a cheerful front end.
The new Citroen C1 is expected to turn heads at the Geneva show
Not so with what Raffaele Iannello has done with this 1:6 scale of the legendary Hughes/MD 500 helicopter, debuting not as a combatant on the battlefield, but rather, as a piece of home appliance that will definitely turn heads at the 2012 Milan Design Week.
But if you need a truck for hauling and towing and want one that'll turn heads too, this baby is for you.
Alison Jones picks out some bridal dresses sure to turn heads IT is rumoured that the princess (to be) bride is designing her own wedding dress with the support and the seamstressing skills of a professional to create her dream.
Detailers are busy at work applying these eye-catching red, white and blue graphics that are sure to turn heads wherever they venture.
Last year, I tried to go out and turn heads and show everyone what I could do," said Broxton, who didn't make the club out of spring training but was promoted to the majors for good May 1.
and ravishing in red, these little beauty lovelies are sure to turn heads.
Those still around tend to be well cared for classics which can still turn heads with their space age styling some 30 years after they first rolled on to the roads.
They turn heads and attract flashbulbs and headlines.
For the hardcore PC gamer, this means the BIG screen provides dual graphic cinema quality gaming with blistering fast response times that are sure to turn heads.