turn head

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turn someone's head

Fig. [for flattery or success] to distract someone; to cause someone not to be sensible. Don't let our praise turn your head. You're not perfect! Her successes had turned her head. She was now quite arrogant.
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Against the Oilers, he finally was the same player who scored 32 and 38 goals the past two seasons and used to turn heads almost every shift.
Stallion will turn heads on the street and have the muscle to back up its stylish good looks," noted Hasty.
Simplicity is not likely to turn heads at this Radio City Music Hall affair, which celebrates wretched excess, for better or worse.
They work particularly well at evening events and really, anywhere you want to turn heads.
Not only does it turn heads, but its small (four-cylinder) engine ensures good mileage.
From Hollywood to Savannah, Gina Alexander's beautiful one-of-kind handbags turn heads and hearts.
Sure to turn heads is this white velvet sheath with bugle beads by Kay Unger, $530, accented with a faux mink stole, $160, by La Maison de la Fausse Fourrure.
Fuschia leather, the earrings turn heads with an inviting aura of flirtation and sexy confidence.
O'Brien added, "Our 2005 line is designed to appeal to a broad group of American motorcycle enthusiasts looking for an affordable bike that is sure to turn heads.