turn down

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turn someone down

to issue a refusal to someone. We had to turn Joan down, even though her proposal was okay. We turned down Joan, even though her credentials were good.
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turn something down

1. to bend or fold something down. He turned his coat collar down when he got inside the house. Timmy had turned down his cuffs and caught one of them in his bicycle chain.
2. to decrease the volume of something. Please turn the radio down. Can't you turn down that stereo?
3. to reject something; to deny someone's request. The board turned our request down. She had turned down John's offer of help, too.
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turn down

1. Fold or double down, as in They always turn down your bed here, or Turn down your collar. [c. 1600]
2. Invert, as in She turned down her cards, or They turn down the glasses in the cupboard. [Mid-1700s]
3. Reject, fail to accept, as in They turned down his proposal, or Joe was turned down at four schools before he was finally accepted. [Late 1800s]
4. Diminish in volume, brightness, or speed. For example, Please turn down the radio; it's too loud, or They turned down the lights and began to dance. [Second half of 1800s]
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turn down

1. To diminish the speed, volume, intensity, or flow of something by or as if by turning a dial: Turn down the radio, please. He turned down the TV so his roommate could study.
2. To reject or refuse someone or something: I turned down the invitation. We turned them down because their offer was too low.
3. To fold something downward: I turned my collar down. She turned down the flaps on her hat to protect her ears from the cold.
4. To prepare some bed by folding the outer covering down: The hotel maid came in and turned down the bed.
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This still allows them to turn down job offers without losing any of their benefits.
But the mother of two, who was last month granted a divorce from Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, decided to turn down the multi-million pound offer, citing family reasons.
Boksic is the latest big name star to turn down Rangers because of the low opinion of our game.
The $10K helped give me the confidence to turn down that firm.
SEAN Og O hAilpin says the opportunity to be part of sporting history at the Ryder Cup was too much to turn down.
RONALDINHO is ready to turn down Chelsea for the second time - but only after he has dumped them out of the Champions League.
To understand how Carroll could turn down the 49ers and remain at USC, a transformation occurred in 2000, when Carroll took a year off after being fired as head coach of the New England Patriots.
Ricketts (above) said: "The chance of playing in the Championship is something I couldn't turn down.
Turn down any street in the San Fernando Valley and you'll find them.
McInnes, 34, (above) had a year left on his contract with the Taysiders but agreed a pay-off on Monday, said: "I was close to signing for St Johnstone but in the end, the Millwall offer was too good to turn down.