turn against

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turn against (someone or something)

1. To defy, revolt against, or become antagonistic toward someone or something. The majority of his supporters turned against him after he failed to keep his election promises. Polls indicate that voters have turned against the proposed legislation.
2. To make or cause someone or something to defy, revolt against, or become antagonistic toward someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "turn" and "against." The company's unscrupulous move has turned even their most loyal customers against them. Can't you see that he's trying to turn Jim against you?
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turn someone or something against someone or something

to cause someone to defy or revolt against someone or something; to make someone antagonistic toward someone or something. He turned the whole board against Molly. She turned the city council against the proposed law.
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turn against

Become or make antagonistic to, as in Adolescents often turn against their parents, but only temporarily, or She turned him against his colleagues by telling him they were spying on him. [First half of 1800s]
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turn against

1. To change one's actions or attitudes to be against someone or something; become hostile or antagonistic toward someone or something: The peasants turned against the cruel ruler.
2. To cause someone or something to act or go against someone or something; make someone or something antagonistic toward someone or something: The scandal turned public opinion against the candidate. They turned my family against me.
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He is out for what he can get and will turn against the Government when it outlives its usefulness to him.
Regi's been suffering lately as the Celts' fans have started to turn against him - now it seems nothing green wants to stick by him.
Let's try to remember to judge each individual on his or her own merits and not let the evil acts of terrorists cause us to turn against our fellow countrymen.
Terrorism wins if we turn against each other in fear and let feelings of outrage erode our community bonds.
Speaking publicly for the first time since he agreed to turn against other corrupt cops, Perez struggled to explain to the court, his wife and his absent former comrades what turned an idealistic young Marine from Philadelphia into a renegade lawman.
In the Western media I hear some speculation or hope that as the damage mounts, anger will turn against the government.
The Valley Industry and Commerce Association is the most prominent business group in the city to turn against the proposal for a new City Charter, which has been submitted to the City Council for approval even though many details still are up in the air.
Constitutional safeguards ensured that our elected leaders exercised their power regardless of public opinion polls and ensured there could be no ``constitutional coup d'etat'' by granting the president a Senate trial where Democrats in significant numbers would have to turn against him for a conviction and ouster to occur.