turn (something) inside out

turn (something) inside out

1. To turn the inside part or surface of something outward; to reverse something. I was in such a rush this morning that I didn't even notice that I had turned my shirt inside out before putting it on.
2. To affect or alter something completely. Being rejected from the university that was my top choice turned my whole world inside out.
See also: inside, out, turn

turn someone or something inside out

to evert someone or something; to pull the inside of someone or something out to become the outside. (With people, this refers to mutilation.) I felt like the explosion was going to turn me inside out. Ken turned his pockets inside out.
See also: inside, out, turn

turn something inside out

1 turn the inner surface of something outwards. 2 change something utterly.
2 2002 New Republic My every preconception about Renaissance tapestry had been turned inside out.
See also: inside, out, something, turn

turn something ˌinside ˈout/ˌupside ˈdown

1 make a place very untidy when you are searching for something: I’ve turned this drawer inside out but I can’t find my passport.The thieves turned the office upside down but they didn’t find anything valuable.
2 cause large changes: The new manager turned the old systems inside out.
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