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the turn

slang In Texas hold 'em (a variety of community card poker), the fourth card to be dealt face up following the flop. He got an ace on the turn, giving him a royal flush.
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turn away

1. Literally, to turn one's body, head, or eyes in a different direction, typically to avoid facing or looking at someone or something. I turned away as the couple started fighting in front of me. Don't turn away—look at me!
2. To dismiss, reject, spurn, or refuse someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "away." It broke my heart, but I had to turn the couple away because they didn't meet our lending criteria. The store began turning away customers who hadn't already preordered the device. She turned away his romantic advances.
3. To repel, repulse, or ward off someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "away." Extremely high prices in the area have been turning away would-be homeowners. The sight of blood turned me away.
4. To divert or deflect someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "turn" and "away." Despite numerous scandals coming to light, the politician has managed to turn away serious criticism from nearly everyone.
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turn away from (someone or something)

1. Literally, to turn one's body, head, or eyes in a different direction than someone or something, typically to avoid facing or looking at them. I turned away from the couple as they started fighting in front of me. Don't turn away from me—look me in the eye!
2. To abandon, quit, or disown someone or something. I know that many people are turning away from the traditional political parties because they feel like they aren't adequately represented by either. I turned away from the police force due to the corruption I encountered every day.
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turn (away) (from someone or something)

to turn oneself to avoid someone or something. She turned away from me as I walked past, pretending not to see me. She turned from Ken and ran.
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1. in. to go over to the other side, as with a spy or a criminal turning into an informer. (Underworld.) Is there a chance that Bart would turn?
2. tv. to corrupt someone; to turn someone to a life of crime. Pete was trying to turn a young kid.
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References in classic literature ?
By this time, we had lost our foothold and were spinning round in the water, carried away by an irresistible whirl, for the water turned with us and dashed us against the dark mirror, which thrust us back again; and our throats, raised above the whirlpool, roared aloud.
Blanche were still exchanging looks; while of the Prince and the German savant I lost sight at the end of the Avenue, where they had turned back and left us.
Upon all this the Grandmother gazed with open-eyed curiosity; and, on some thieves happening to be turned out of the place, she was delighted.
An 'Only' is a nonpareil, the feller that does one kind of a turn better'n any other feller.
After her turn, which she did this time with the nerve of an old campaigner, the manager returned to the charge; and after saying nice things and being generally nice himself, he came to the point.
"You'd never dare shoot a man until his back was turned. You don't dare shoot me even then," and he deliberately turned his back full upon the sailor and walked nonchalantly away as if to put him to the test.
"Who could it have been?" whispered Jane Porter, and the young man turned to see her standing, wide-eyed and wondering, close beside him.
He stopped, stared a moment intently, then turned with a slow grin.
Instead of following her sister, Norah pulled down the veil of her garden hat, turned in the opposite direction, and hurried back to the house.
Presently I mustered the courage to return to the window, for even though she spurned me I loved her, and could not keep my eyes from feasting upon her divine face and figure, but when she saw me looking she again turned away.
I was at my wit's end to account for her strange actions, and that Thuvia, too, had turned against her father seemed incredible.
"It looks like it, doesn't it?" said Montgomery, and turned towards the wake again.
I think Montgomery might have left him then, seeing the brute was drunk; but he only turned a shade paler, and followed the captain to the bulwarks.
Her attention wandered from the book, before she had turned the first page of it.
Throwing the book aside, she turned desperately to the one resource that was left, to her luggage--resolved to fatigue herself without mercy, until she was weary enough and sleepy enough to find a safe refuge in bed.