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Tuppence ran to her with his wee tail wagging and jumped up at her - thankfully it was a happy ending."
"You have lipstick on your collar and you reek of perfume," although perhaps failing to add: "And they're not your own." Tuppence blasts her hungover husband: "And where's your wedding ring?" Turning out his pockets sheepishly, Tommy then looks off into the middle distance in the way blokes do when they feel something deeply.
She said: "Tuppence is an intensely curious, quick-witted and adventurous character, who quite often leaps before she looks.
I think Tommy's punching above his weight with Tuppence. She's an incredible catch; very glamorous, intelligent and forthright.
One time, we were unloading the car when I saw Tuppence up the street.
"Both Tuppence and Jake still recognise me, Jake will come down every now and again to say hello.
He sends Tommy on a top secret mission, which he cannot even tell Tuppence about.
PARTNERS IN CRIME (Tomorrow, BBC1, 9pm) IT'S the first episode of a second three-part adventure for crimesolving couple Tommy and Tuppence. Major Carter realises there could be a leak in the department and is not sure who to trust.
Jessica was perfect as the Joyce Grenfell-type figure of Tuppence. Full of Girl Guide vim.
The problem with bringing Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence stories to screen is that she wrote them between the 1920s to the 1970s and the characters age within that time.
DAMON SMITH SPOOKS: THE GREATER GOOD (15) Starring: Kit Harington, Peter Firth, Elyes Gabel, Tuppence Middleton, Lara Pulver, Jennifer Ehle, David Harewood, Tim McInnerny Director: Bharat Nalluri Duration: 104 mins DURING a nine-year run on BBC One, Spooks thrilled viewers with the morally conflicted escapades of members of Section D of MI5, including one gruesome death sequence involving a deep fat fryer that sparked a deluge of complaints.
After a fire kills her best friend and leaves her both disfigured and suffering from amnesia, Micky (Tuppence Middleton) attempts to rebuild her life in London.
Tuppence Middleton plays beautiful young heiress Micky, who loses her memory after being hurt in a fire that has killed her childhood friend Domenica (Alexandra Roach).
BY "Tuppence is tuppence," he says in a bid to justify the thoroughly mean and tasteless act.
DAVID Walliams and Call The Midwives' Jessica Raine played crime-solving couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford in Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime on BBC1.