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tunnel through (something)

1. To create a tunnel through something. It took the workers nearly 12 months to finish tunneling through the mountain.
2. To dig or bore through something. The mole has wide, spade-like claws that it used to dig through the soil. The outer walls of the prison were so friable that the inmate was able to tunnel through them using nothing but spoons he stole from the cafeteria.
3. To force a path through some dense group or collection of people or things. I had to tunnel through the crowd to reach the exit. Tunneling through that thick underbrush took much longer than we had anticipated.
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tunnel under (something)

To dig a passageway underneath someone or something. We've had a real problem with groundhogs tunneling under our lawn. The only way we'll get past those guards is by tunneling under them.
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The tunneling behavior will be the deformation of the surrounding soil around the existing tunnels and reduce the constraint on it.
For 1-1~1-5, the tunneling direction is parallel to the direction of pile arrangement, so the settlement value of the left pile should be considered due to the longer time affected by tunneling.
It can be seen from the figure that, within the range of [+ or -]12 m from the center line of the underpass, the results calculated by Formula (1) are well fitted with the results of the field observation, which indicates that the formula is available within a certain range of the effect of tunneling on the ground surface.
Source parameters, including source location, seismic moment, energy index, and spectral parameters, were available for the personnel to analyze the MS evolutions during the TBM tunneling through the top pilot tunnel in the headrace tunnel #1.
Energy Changes during the TBM Tunneling. Figure 13 shows the density of the MS events during the TBM passing through the top pilot tunnel section.
During the TBM tunneling through the top pilot tunnel, MS events were mainly distributed at the two ends of the top pilot tunnel.
Because building a FC tunneling solution is predicated on having a FC network, including switches, FCP over IP and Native IP are potential orders of magnitude in marketability of storage networking.
Tunneling could fade out in the wake of IP Storage while Native IP may continue to flourish.
Awschalom and his group are now looking for quantum tunneling in precisely manufactured magnetic particles about 100 times larger than the 7.5-nanometer, naturally occurring protein magnets they had previously used.
On the other hand, many biological materials transfer electrons poorly and can't be examined in a straightforward manner using the scanning tunneling microscope.
These molecular visitors seemed invisible to the scanning tunneling microscope.
As the diamond tip scans a surface, the changes in the tunneling current reflect the arrangement of atoms on the surface.
Photo: Images of an underwater graphite surface showing features smaller than 3 angstroms (above) are possible with a special scanning tunneling microscope (right) designed to work with immersed samples.
Nicolas Garcia of the Universidad Autonoma, who is working out a detailed theory of how the scanning tunneling microscope works, notes that different chemical species have different electronic structures and that should affect the current and voltage characteristics.
Elrod have developed a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope.