tunnel under

tunnel under (something)

To dig a passageway underneath someone or something. We've had a real problem with groundhogs tunneling under our lawn. The only way we'll get past those guards is by tunneling under them.
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tunnel under someone or something

to dig a tunnel under someone or something. All the time she was standing in the yard talking about the moles, they were tunneling under her. They took many months to tunnel under the English Channel.
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"The project envisages the construction of the world's first three-level tunnel under the Bosphorus in Istanbul," the ministry said.
The growth of motor traffic prompted calls for a road tunnel under the river.
The project includes a new tunnel under the Palisades in New Jersey and the Hudson River to midtown Manhattan and an expanded rail station connected to the existing New York Penn Station.
The survey comes just weeks after the end of a public hearing over the controversial plans to build a second tunnel under the Tyne at a cost of pounds 139m.
A triple tunnel was discovered during work to open the double tunnel under the visitors' centre.
As be paced the platform, A waiting for the Washington express, he remembered that there were people who thought there would one day be a tunnel under the Hudson through which the trains of the Pennsylvania railway would run straight into New York.
Another set of routes would lie perpendicular to the Manhattan line, with a tunnel under the East River at 63rd Street and subway tracks sprawling across the entire length of Queens, the city's largest borough.
were awarded a $435 million contract in July to bore the tunnels underneath Amtrak's Sunnyside railyards in Queens that will link existing LIRR tracks with the existing 63rd Street tunnel under the East River.
Three other tunnels in this country were also criticised in the study, with the north part of the Blackwall Tunnel under the Thames rated `very poor'.
A triple tunnel, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, was destined to remain hidden forever but was discovered during work to open the double tunnel under the visitors' centre.
The project begins with modifications to be made at the existing subway tunnel under Greenwich Street, north of Battery Place so that the new tunnel can diverge to the west and proceed beneath a portion of Battery Park and then cross-beneath the existing tunnel approach to the South Ferry loop tracks, and beneath the 4/ 5 (IRT) subway tunnel to Brooklyn.