tunnel through

tunnel through (something)

1. To create a tunnel through something. It took the workers nearly 12 months to finish tunneling through the mountain.
2. To dig or bore through something. The mole has wide, spade-like claws that it used to dig through the soil. The outer walls of the prison were so friable that the inmate was able to tunnel through them using nothing but spoons he stole from the cafeteria.
3. To force a path through some dense group or collection of people or things. I had to tunnel through the crowd to reach the exit. Tunneling through that thick underbrush took much longer than we had anticipated.
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tunnel through something

to make a tunnel or passageway through something or a group of people. Roger had to tunnel through the crowd to get to the rest room. The workers tunneled through the soft soil to reach the buried cable.
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References in classic literature ?
A tiny stream from Kilimanjaro's eternal snow cap still trickled over the edge of the rocky wall at the upper end of the gulch, forming a little pool at the bottom of the cliff from which a small rivulet wound downward to the tunnel through which it passed to the gorge beyond.
It is possible, and if we could it would save an immense lot of work, and probably be a surer way to save their lives than by digging a tunnel through the landslide to find the mouth of the cave where we first entered."
The tunnel through which I crawled was low and dark.