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Tags/Keywords: LTE chipset reference design, antenna tuning, multidimensional antenna tuning
Most applications are not so dynamic that they require adaptive tuning, but virtually any process can be better tuned.
When the process variable is outside this band, no tuning is performed.
Essentially, DR tuning can be accomplished by modifying the various electromagnetic fields supported by the resonator.
This tuning can be achieved by varying the air gap between the ceramic disc and metal enclosure with, for example, a movable metal plate or screw coaxial with the ceramic disc.
Table 2: Enterprise and service provider splits for hosted speech applications and tuning, 2005-2010
Each channel is equipped with dynamically selectable tuning capacitors up to 63 pF in 1pF steps to allow firmware-driven antenna tuning that improves signal matching without expensive hand tuning.
The room tuning processor uses the size, shape and surface of a room to optimize the overall sound quality.
The Conversation Suite includes the Unveil Conversation Studio, an integrated development environment for rapidly building and tuning powerful speech applications.
Powerful Analytical & Tuning Tools - Powerful application analytics and enhancements are enabled by tools that analyze recognition accuracy and call flows, as well as system availability and responsiveness
0 provides organizations with powerful load testing, analysis and tuning capabilities and an effective means for collaborating, sharing results and communicating among team members during the performance testing and optimization process.
As many as 408,000 different drivers tuned in to these stations during a single weekday, representing a nearly 12 percent increase versus the typical 365,700 drivers tuning in to these stations on the typical weekday in prior weeks.
Learning Tree International (NASDAQ NM:LTRE) has announced the addition of Hands-On Oracle Database 10g: Backup, Recovery & Server Tuning to its selection of Oracle-based technology courses.
Every quarter, we do a full system review and then offer our customer a set of recommendations for tuning the system," Howard said.