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Still leaning against the locker door, he struck into a tune that was like something very bad but sure to happen whatever you did.
"Don't let's hev another 'thout somethin' between," said Dan; and the accordion struck up a rattling, catchy tune that ended:
Dan lay at length in his bunk, wrestling with a gaudy, gilt-stopped accordion, whose tunes went up and down with the pitching of the "We're Here".
My father used to say to me, whenever we heard that tune, "Ah, lad, I come from over the hills and far away." There's a many tunes I don't make head or tail of; but that speaks to me like the blackbird's whistle.
"Fayder," said Aaron, whose feet were busy beating out the tune, "how does that big cock's-feather stick in Mrs.
He never relished any music but what was light and airy; and indeed his most favourite tunes were Old Sir Simon the King, St George he was for England, Bobbing Joan, and some others.
"The Scotch tunes!" said Bartle Massey, contemptuously; "I've heard enough o' the Scotch tunes to last me while I live.
"Why, the Scotch tunes are just like a scolding, nagging woman," Bartle went on, without deigning to notice Mr.
(19) Performed by Guy Bouchard on the Trente Sous Zero production, Les tetes de violons CD Airs Tordus/Crooked Tunes Track 9, second tune of the medley.
Adaptive tune, as the name indicates, adapts to the dynamics of the process and will tune "on-the-fly," responding to certain process criteria as determined by the specifics of the adaptive algorithm being used.
He argues for a rethinking of performance practice to incorporate alternative and flexible tuning systems, since such alterations can only improve the music and make it more naturally "in tune." His homily makes some radical and specific suggestions.
"The architecture of the Beta motor is the same," says Krafcik, "but literally hundreds of improvements have been made to the engine." The Beta retains an iron block and aluminum DOHC head with continuous variable valve timing, and is available either in ULEV (Federal) or PZEV (California) states of tune. Hyundai engineers lowered the idle rpm (+0.24 mpg), altered the engine control algorithms (+0.56), and reduced internal friction (+0.24).
The program creates a mix of these matching tunes. It's like having your own DJ.
Digital transformation service provider, Globacom, has enhanced its Caller Ring Back Tunes service, otherwise known as CRBTs in the telecoms parlance, all aimed at delighting millions of subscribers on its network.
Tune says those he accused of being responsible for his son's death might be plotting something sinister against him after he took them to court.