tumble into (someone or something)

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tumble into (someone or something)

1. To stumble and collide with someone or something. We were all having fun rolling down the hill, but then Billy tumbled right into a tree and hurt his arm. The child tripped and tumbled into her father.
2. To collide with someone or something as a result of moving too quickly or, excitedly, or awkwardly. I hurried out of the elevator with all my things in my arms, and I ended up tumbling into my new boss. Talk about embarrassing! She turned the corner too quickly and tumbled into a lamppost.
3. To move into something or some place quickly, excitedly, or awkwardly. I was so tired that I just went upstairs and tumbled right into bed. Scores of shoppers came tumbling into the store to avail themselves of the incredible sale.
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tumble into someone or something

to fall down and roll into someone or something. (Either accidentally or on purpose.) Liz tripped and tumbled into the table. She tumbled into Ken.
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tumble into bed

to get into or fall into bed. Liz went home and tumbled into bed.
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