tumble out of

tumble out (of something or some place)

1. To spill, fall, or plunge headlong out (of something). He had been hiding in the closet as a part of the game, and he came tumbling out when Meredith opened the door. So much stuff came tumbling out of the closet just now that I don't know how I'll ever get it all tidied away again.
2. To exit or move out (of something or some place) quickly, excitedly, or awkwardly. The moment the final school bell of the year rang, all the students came tumbling out at once. The two teenagers tumbled out of the convenience store, their stolen goods tucked inside their jackets.
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tumble out of something

to fall, topple, or drop out of something. Don't let the baby tumble out of the chair! Thechildren tumbled out of the car and ran for the school building.
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