tug at

tug at someone or something

to pull at someone or something. Stop tugging at me! I'll talk to you in a minute. The dog tugged at my pants cuff.
See also: tug
References in classic literature ?
Trudolyubov will beat me hardest, he is so strong; Ferfitchkin will be sure to catch hold sideways and tug at my hair.
Just then her driver came up, and with a tug at her mouth backed her out of the line and drove off, leaving me very sad indeed.
I think that the best towing configuration is to have a Tractor tug at the bow of the vessel and an ASD at the stern of the vessel.
Once the tip catches hold of the molecule, the researchers tug at it repeatedly until all the bonds have broken, like pulling ivy away from a wall, tendril by tendril.
Additionally, Mr Vitiello says, the company was keen to get an ASD Tug because it believes the ideal towing configuration is having an ASD bow first, at the stern of a vessel, and then a tractor tug at the bow.
Damen Trading displayed the tug at the Seawork 2013 exhibition, resulting in a widely displayed interest in this type of tug.