tuck around

tuck something around someone or something

to wrap something snugly around someone or something. I tucked crumpled newspapers around the cups in the box to keep them from breaking. Molly-Jo tucked the covers around the baby.
See also: around, tuck
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Since shrinking the amount of lawn to make room for expanding gardens, I never seemed to have enough freshly-mowed grass clippings to tuck around vegetable and strawberry plants during the growing season.
You'll have lovely leaf mould by spring to tuck around the roses as a mulch.
No, I'm not about to have a nose job, I'm not thinking of having a nip and tuck around those jowels and I'm not planning to grow a full beard.
You can easily become part of this machine as you tuck around the ergonomic petrol tank easier than many office workers wrap themselves around a pint at 5.30pm on a Friday.
Tanya chooses Corsican mint to tuck around sedums, rocks.
SUE NICHOLLS, who plays Audrey Roberts in Corrie, tells me she's planning a little lift and tuck around her eyes.