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try out

1. verb To try, use, or consider something in order to make a decision or form an opinion about it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "try" and "out." The whole point of test driving a car is to try it out and see if you feel comfortable in it. Too hungry for a regular burger? Then try out our new "Ultra Burger," with eight beef patties!
2. verb To perform before an evaluator in order to be selected for a particular role or position, such as on an athletic team. I'm planning to try out for the basketball team, so I'm going to try to practice every day this summer.
3. noun A process in which one performs before an evaluator in order to be selected for a particular role or position, such as on an athletic team. As a noun, the phrase is usually hyphenated or spelled as one word, and is sometimes pluralized ("tryouts"). The band's drummer just quit, so they're having an open tryout to select a replacement. Hey, I didn't see you at tryouts today. You didn't get cut, did you?
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try something (on) (for size)

1. Lit. to put on an article of clothing to see if it fits. Here, try this on for size and see if it fits any better. Please try on this shirt for size.
2. Fig. to evaluate an idea or proposition. Now, try on this idea. Try this plan for size. I think you'll like it.

try someone or something out

to test someone or something for a while; to sample the performance of someone or something. We will try her out in the editorial department and see how she does. We will try out this employee in another department for a while.
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try out (for something)

to audition for a part in some performance or other activity requiring skill. I intend to try out for the play. I'm going to try out, too.
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try out

1. Undergo a qualifying test, as for an athletic team. For example, I'm trying out for the basketball team. [Mid-1900s]
2. Test or use experimentally, as in They're trying out new diesels, or We're trying out this new margarine. [Late 1800s]
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try out

1. To undergo a competitive qualifying test, as for a job or athletic team: Thirty students tried out for the soccer team, but only twenty were chosen.
2. To test or use something experimentally: Have you tried out the new automated banking system yet? I tried a new brand of toothpaste out, and I really like it.
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Serve City tryout spots are limited, and families must register for tryouts online to reserve spots for their daughters at tryouts.
Upset that she may not make it to the tryouts because Tutu has to meet with Edmond, Bridgette blurts out: "You're delusional.
STOCKTON kickboxer Thomas Daniel has been given the chance to impress an international audience after shining at the Contender Promotions and Superkombat Tryouts in Middlesbrough.
If tryouts went badly, the scene would be totally different.
Mold tryout capability with 88- and 200-ton presses.
invited to the tryouts have a good opportunity to make the team.
With the exception of those cities that have resident companies devoted to musical theater, most fans of the form must rely either on tryouts or road tours for professional presentations of Broadway musicals.
Columbus, OH-based Schuler SMG GmbH & Co KG delivered the two hydraulic high speed tryout presses to Ford.
If swimmers are unable to attend scheduled tryout times, contact Head Developmental Coach Dustin Thompson at (847) 991-1960.
The LVPI conducted the initial tryouts for both teams dreaming of a podium finish in the biennial event which the country is hosting for the fourth time.
While the POC will only recognize the PSI tryout results because it is the recognized association by the international swimming federation (FINA), both Vargas and Velasco agreed that the tryouts will be open and inclusive to all clubs under FINA rules and guidelines.
Any players who are interested in taking part must register online by no later than 24 hours before the tryout begins and all participants must be eligible to play.
LEOMINSTER -- The Central Mass Voodoo girls' travel softball program announces their tryout dates for the 2015 travel season.
Baltimore Sun has the photos of the Ravens' cheerleading tryout (,0,1744290.photogallery) here .