try (one's) hand (at something)

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try (one's) hand (at something)

To attempt to do something new; to try something for the first time. I need a new hobby. Maybe I'll try my hand at painting! Thanks for letting Janet come to rugby practice with you. I know she's eager to try her hand.
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try one's hand (at something)

to take a try at something. Someday I'd like to try my hand at flying a plane. Give me a chance. Let me try my hand!
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try one's hand

1. Attempt to do something for the first time, as in I thought I'd try my hand at snorkeling. This idiom uses try in the sense of "ascertain by experiment or effort," a usage dating from the late 1500s.
2. Also, try one's luck. Take a chance doing something, as in We thought we'd try our luck at getting a hotel room at the last minute.
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try your hand at something

COMMON If you try your hand at something, you try doing it in order to see whether you are good at it. In his latest book, he tries his hand at fiction. After he left school, he tried his hand at a variety of jobs — bricklayer, baker, coal man.
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try your hand

see how skilful you are, especially at the first attempt.
1994 John Barth Once Upon a Time Since such dreaminess appeared to be my nature…why didn't I try my hand at writing fiction?
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try your ˈhand (at something/doing something)

try something for the first time, for example a skill or a sport: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at golf.
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try (one's) hand

To attempt to do something for the first time: I tried my hand at skiing.
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References in classic literature ?
She regarded it (once her clothes were ordered) as merely an enlarged opportunity for walking, riding, swimming, and trying her hand at the fascinating new game of lawn tennis; and when they finally got back to London (where they were to spend a fortnight while he ordered HIS clothes) she no longer concealed the eagerness with which she looked forward to sailing.
Summary: Former world tennis number one Maria Sharapova has revealed she is interested in trying her hand at designing clothing.
Entertainers are lending their support to Liz Wainhouse, who is trying her hand at organising a concert to help two charities.
An onlooker told the Insider: 'Christina was heard saying she had always fancied trying her hand at Japanese cooking and one of the chefs invited her to have a go.
#TV presenter Zoe Ball is busy trying her hand at movie making.
MADONNA is considering trying her hand as a director for the first time on The Fires, a film of the Rene Steinke novel.