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He went up there and stood up there for like an hour trying to psyche himself up to do it, and kept dropping in and jumping off the board.
What emerges is a picture of uncertain men trying to make the best of things.
It finally hit me one morning when I came down to my studio, trying to find a parking spot, and there were movie trucks in my way.
How does the wisdom of Yoda apply to health care systems trying to rise above the health care status quo?
Thus, if we are trying to lead a good life, we can know the voice of God by the peace, joy, hope, and love of life we experience.
"She kept trying to get me to quit, but I couldn't," Aimee Elizabeth recalls.
You're trying to calm down a friend who has worked himself into a fury at a driver in another car who has cut dangerously close in front of him.
At signal, they hop around while trying to make opponent fall down.
Her strategy at auditions is to pretend that she is performing onstage rather than trying to convince herself and others that she is right for the position.
We each gave a candid and complete view of what we were trying to accomplish.
So for the next two days we gave the last tricks everything we had, while trying our best to get some Highest, Longest, Most contenders.
Your daring spirit tempts you toward trying the offbeat.
That's the kind of narcissism or megalomania that I was trying to depict.
LeShan's book helped me get over the hurdle of resistance to trying meditation again.
It was the face of a man who, however awkwardly, was trying to understand something foreign, different, uncomfortable.