try (one's) patience

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try (one's) patience

To frustrate or annoy one by continued unwanted behavior; to test the limits of one's patience. His tangential questions are clearly trying the professor's patience, who asked that all questions be held until the end of the lecture. Will you take the kids to the playground for an hour? They're really trying my patience.
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try someone's patience

to strain someone's patience; to bother someone as if testing the person's patience. (Try means test here.) My loud neighbors are trying my patience today. You really try my patience with all your questions!
See also: patience, try

try one's patience

Put one's tolerance to a severe test, cause one to be annoyed, as in Putting these parts together really tries my patience, or Her constant lateness tries our patience. This idiom uses try in the sense of "test," a usage dating from about 1300.
See also: patience, try

try somebody’s ˈpatience

make somebody feel impatient: Jim’s constant complaining was really beginning to try her patience.
See also: patience, try
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Try your patience far as they can go but you would not be without them, this is so.
A number of differences did get airedthough I have to warn you that, if you call up the video in search of those differences, the video's unfortunate habit of freezing from time to time may try your patience.
CALL MY CAPRICORN LINE TO HEAR MORE 09044 700 730 OFFSPRING are liable to try your patience.
Get your digital abacus out, because someone close may continue to try your patience.
You won't be signaling any passing ships with the rather dim light, and the repetitive shaking may try your patience.
This time the pig's string of adventures may try your patience.
This will be a quick and easy fix or it will try your patience.