try something on for size

try (something) on for size

To try, use, or consider something in order to make a decision or form an opinion about it. Likened to putting on a garment to see if it fits. Sometimes used as a rhetorical imperative to behold an extreme example of something. The whole point of test driving a car is to try it on for size to see if you feel comfortable in it. Too hungry for a regular burger? Try this on for size! It's eight patties!
See also: on, size, try

try something on for size


try something for size

If you try something on for size or try something for size, you consider it carefully or try using it in order to decide whether you think it is good or whether you believe it. `Right now, everything is ambiguous.' She says the word `ambiguous' slowly, as though trying it on for size. `Jarvis was fired?' he repeated, trying the idea for size and seeming to find it rather pleasing.
See also: on, size, something, try